Team Vegan 2015

Generous donors have pledged to match up to $150,000 between May 1 and June 30, which means we can raise $300,000 for Vegan Outreach…or more, it’s up to you!

The more money raised, the more animals spared from suffering.

What Can You Do?

Register  Then tell your friends about your campaign. Along with your fundraising goal, you can set an athletic goal, host a bake sale, or just be yourself. Anyone can join!

Donate  Have your donation doubled to support VO’s Adopt a College leafleting program, which puts booklets about veganism directly into the hands of thousands of people each day.

Thank you for being part of Team Vegan!


Tofurky coupon

Participants will receive a coupon from Tofurky for a free product.

TV running caps

Team members who raise $500 by June 30, 2015 will receive a special Team Vegan running cap!

The Top 5 Fundraisers (Vegan Outreach employees excepted) will each receive a $100 gift certificate to Vegan Essentials, Pangea, or The Vegetarian Site.

The Vegetarian Site Vegan Essentials

Vegan Outreach

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on spreading the vegan lifestyle through our booklets. Vegan Outreach “preaches to the convertible” by focusing on college students through our Adopt a College program. Since 2003, our leafleters have handed booklets to over 13 million students.