Mock awards are back!

For Team Vegan 2012, I gave an 'award' to each member of the team (in categories I devised). It turned out to be pretty fun and popular, so I'm doing it for Team Vegan 2013. There are 7 parts. Hope you have a laugh or two - or seven.

Part 1: Animal friends and friends with animal friends:

Donkey division - Laura A.

Turkeydivision - Catherine Berlot

Easily lift-able dog division - Constance Li

Not-as-easily lift-able dog division - Erin Gaines

Goat division - Laura Hart

Cow division - Lana Smithson

Cat division  - Sandy Rees (and Max)

Rat division - Melissa Swanson (and rats)

Best portraits of animals:

Reptile division - Quinn Attika

Canine division - Desiree Mehrez

Hybrid division - Tonja Robertson

Mythical creature division - diane thompson

Feline division - Aslan, of Team Vegan-Cat

Porcine division - Oneonta Vegans

Part 2: Other portraits:

Best B/W - Kristi Capone

Best Color - Brian Tomasik

Best Smile - (woman) Debera Delgatto

Best Smile - (man) Corey Smoot

Most idyllic setting with water - Wendy Blanch

Most idyllic setting without (much) water - Tamara Hubbard

Best hair:

Long - Audrey Caplan

Short - Heather Leughmyer

Shorter - Jack Norris

Part 3: Multiples

Mother-daughter division - Johanna (and Brooke) Andris

Superhero division - Power Couple Bockman

Three's Company:

Combined ages over 100 -  Team Green-Ball

Combined ages (well) under 100 - Team Joslyn

Mixed-mammal division - Team Triangle

Four's company, too - Michelle Lukasiewicz

Peas and Carrots are company - Lisa Shapiro

Apples are company, too - Jimmy H

Part 4: Artsy, etc. 

b/w - Annalisa Palmer

color - Alex Greenwood


Best biking bunny - Lauren Farnsworth

Best love is - Lynn Voss

Best bike in hand - FAST Biking 4 Change

Farthest team from Tucson - The Vegan Catholic (France)

Longest team name -  East Bay Animal Rights And Advocacy

Part 5: Best and Most 

Best tabling hat - Brian Grupe

Best tabling shirt - Leslie Patterson

Best tabling cloth - Earthsave Miami

Happiest Hat - Baby Emily

Most appropriate Apron  - Maria Catalina Furtuna

Most dazzling dress - Adrienne Ramirez

Most joyous jewelry - Kimberly Zandy

Best roller derby fan shirt - Sean Scherer

Best ukulele player - Callie Ray

Best love story - Team Tucker-Kuzma

Best place to get married and then leaflet with - Vegas Veg

Part 6: Leafleting photos 

Volunteer division:

Best smile - Barbara Bear

Best long-sleeved shirt - Brandon Becker

Best super villain - Joe Espinosa

Best dress - Lisa Hines

Best head tilt - Yvonne LeGrice

Best short-sleeved shirt - Kassy Ortega

Best wardrobe-with-leaflet coordination - Ali Pester

Best new volunteer portrait - Sarah Still

Professional division:

Best calves -  Jon Camp

Green-est - Lisa Drapkin

Best reach - Steve Erlsten

Best shades - Karen James

Best toe point - John Oberg (don't try this at home)

Orange-est - Dawn Ratcliffe (don't try this, either)

Part 7: Athletes

Best chicken-holders:

Long-sleeved division - Chloe Falkenheim

Short-sleeved division - Caroline Jones

Two-handed division - Lesley Parker-Rollins

Two-person division - Queenie Tsui (and Sean Scherer)

Other Athletes:

Cycling - Rachel Donavon

Running - Eric Griffith

Dancing - Zubair Hussaini

Roller Derby - Amanda Malligo

Lifting - Nettie Schwager

Goat-kissing - Vic Sjodin

Thanks to all the members of Team Vegan 2013!