Catherine Berlot

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I learned about the horrors of animal agriculture when I moved to a region in rural Pennsylvania where chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, goats, red deer, and mink are farmed. Learning these realities convinced me to become a vegan. Now I try to promote veganism in my neighborhood by running in vegan-themed clothing. Sometimes this involves running past places such as this that commodify animals. I didn’t know that “meat” could eat grass. Did you? And I don’t think chickens, who account for the vast majority of farmed animals who suffer and die before becoming food, eat grass at all. For a description of one such run and how these runs inspire my vegan activism, please see my chapter in Running, Eating, Thinking – A Vegan Anthology, edited by Martin Rowe: I have also had wonderful experiences leafleting locally with Jon Camp, Vic Sjodin, and Jose Elias. I only wish I had started sooner! Thanks to Vegan Outreach, more than 20 million people, many of them quite young, have learned the facts so that they can choose a more compassionate life style. Please support Vegan Outreach’s continued efforts to reduce animal suffering.

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