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Meow! I’m Aslan and I continue to lead Team Vegan Cat! We are 11 previously homeless cats who now enjoy being loved in a safe and fun environment. I appeared on the scene four years ago with an abscessed bite wound and tested positive for both FIV and Feline Leukemia, so I have to live separated from the rest of the cats. Fortunately, I am doing very well right now. I am told I have the most wonderful, cheerful, and loving personality. Here I am looking out from my window onto my private domain, which is reflecting back onto the window. I have my own enclosed outdoor play area from which I can see and be seen by the other cats in their separate play area. When Mom told us about how other animals suffer on factory farms and how, like us, these other animals have likes and dislikes, needs and wants, and just wish to be able to live out their natural lives in peace, we decided the least we could do was to go vegan! If we’d had any doubts, when she also told us what goes into commercial meat-based cat food, we were sure we’d made the right decision! We love our meals made with VegeCat Mix and VegeYeast, and our vegan kibble from Evolution and Ami Cat, all from Vegan Essentials. We also love broccoli! We are aware that with 11 of us, meal preparation, litter-box scooping, and cleaning up the occasional “accident” can get rather time-consuming. So our Team Vegan activity is to try a little harder to help out with these domestic chores. We’ve already supervised our food being made so many times that we should be pros at it. Please help reduce the suffering of our brother and sister species. Thanks so much for helping Team Vegan spread the word!

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